Video Lectures

Dr  V S AdhaoHeterocyclic compound: Furan by Dr. Vaibhav Adhao  
Benzene: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions    
How to write analysis and interpretation of data in research  
Dr. R R ThengeRate Programmed Drug Delivery System  
Evaluation of TDDS  
Formulation Approaches of Transdermal DDS  
Components of Transdermal DDS  
Controlled Released Drug Delivery System  
Microencapsulation Introduction  
Air Suspension Technique  
Coacervation Phase Seperation Method  
Spray Drying and Spray Congealing  
Solvent Evaporation & Pan Coating Method  
Evaluation of Microcapsules  
Polymer and its Classification  
Application of Polymer in Formulation Design  
Resealed Erythrocyte  
Methods of Loading of Erythrocyte  
Classification of Osmotic DDS  
Prof. M B NarkhedeMechanism of neurotransmitter q8cxiyce  
Classification of neurotransmitter  
Pharmacology of HF  
 Prof. L P Joge1. Thin layer chromatography sem V  
2. Unit iv pharmacognosy and phytochemistry  
3. Unit iv part II Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry II  
4. Unit V – Basics of phytochemistry  
Prof. J P AmbhoreMechanism of size reduction  
Introduction of size reduction  
To study effect of viscosity on the rate of Evaporation  
Introduction of pharmaceutical engineering  
Prof. C S ChandakHow to check blood glucose level (Experiment no.3)  
Good Pharmacy Practice  
Good pharmacy practice part 2  
Prof. P S LandeIntellectual property rights  
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-1960  
Pharmacy act 1948  
Extraction and isolation of caffeine from tea powder.  
Prof. K P GaikwadIntroduction to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents  
Group Discussion Session On “Pharmacology Of Drug Acting On Endocrine System”  
Demonstration Of Rota Rod Apparatus  
Prof. R P GandhiAldehyde and Ketones ( naming reactions)  
Electrochemical Methods of Analysis  
Prof.R.A.JangleGeneral Pharmacology  
Role of Pharmacist in Health Care System  
Drug Enquiry Committee
 Indian Pharmaceutical Legislation