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Sr. No.Name of Author/sTitle of PublicationJournal Name (ISSN)Volume (issue), Year, Page No.
Publication Year 2022
1RS Cheke, VM Patil, SD Firke, JP Ambhore, IA Ansari, HM Patel, SD Shinde, VR Pasupuleti, MI Hassan, Md Adnan, A Kadri, M SnoussiTherapeutic outcomes of Isatin and its derivative against multiple diseaes: Recent Development in Drug DiscoveryPharmaceutics (1999-4923) (IF – 6.525)15, 2022, 272
2GD Mehetre, PP Chinchole, MB NarkhedeFormulation and Evaluation of Hydrodynamically Balanced Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System incorporating ciprofloxacin HCLEuropean Hournal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2349-8870)9(4), 2022, 283-288
3A Rajput,M Kulkarni,P Deshmukh,P Pingale,A GarkalA key role by polymers in microneedle technology: a new eraDrug Development and industrial pharmacy (P0363-9045, E 1520-5762) (IF – 3.727)47(11), 2022, 1713 – 1732
4PP Chinchole, VS Adhao, MB Narkhede, GD Mehetre, RR Thenge, RR PopatIn-silico study of 3D Structural Interactions and quantitative structural drug likeness of marketed COX-2 InhibitorsGSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2581-3250)19(1), 2022, 149-153
5Sagar R. Pardeshi, Mahesh P. More, Pritam B. Patil, Arun Mujumdar & Jitendra B. NaikStatistical optimization of voriconazole nanoparticles loaded carboxymethyl chitosan-poloxamer based in situ gel for ocular delivery: In vitro, ex vivo, and toxicity assessmentDrug Delivery and Translational Research (E 2190-3948,
2190-393X) (IF – 5.671)
12, 2022, 3063-3082
6R S. Cheke, HM. Patel,V M. Patil, I A Ansari, J P. Ambhore, S D. Shinde, A Kadri, M Snoussi, M Adnan, P S. Kharkar,V  Pasupuleti and P K. DeshmukhMolecular Insights into Coumarin Analogues as Antimicrobial Agents: Recent Developments in Drug DiscoveryAntibiotics (2079-6382) (5.222)11(5), 2022, 566
7AR Suralkar, VS AdhaoReview on Quality based DesignInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (E 2348-1269 P 2349-5139)9(2), 2022, 296-302
8SA Pawar, RR Popat, PK Deshmukh,Central Nervous System A ReviewInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (E 2348-1269 P 2349-5139)9(2), 2022, 8-22
9MB Narkhede, PP Chinchole, GD Mehetre, Ratnaparkhi NGAntisnoring Device A ReviewInternational Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences (2277-4998)11(6), 2022, 2598-2608
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11SN Dhoot, SP Shahane, KP Gaikwad, LP Joge, JP AmbhoreSuperdisintegrants in Orally Administered Products of Pharmaceuticals, A ReviewInternational Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (2456-6470)6(4), 2022, 1482-1486
12Ganesh B. Patil, Darshana M. Borse, Mahesh P. More & Dilip A. PatilGossypol-Embedded Casein Nanoparticles for Potential Targeting of Ovarian Cancer: Formulation, Characterization, and Anticancer ActivityJournal of Pharmaceutical Innovation (E 1939-8042
P 1872-5120) (IF – 2.538)
13GD Mehetre, RR Thenge, PP Chinchole, MB Narkhede, MW BabhulkarA Study on Formulation and Evaluation of Gastroretentive Tablet Incorporating Ciprofloxacin HydrochlorideJournal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics (2250-1177)12(4), 2022, 53-60
14SR Pardeshi, EB Kole, HS Kapare, SM Chandankar, PJ Shinde, GS Boisa, SS Salgaonkar, PS Giram, MP More, P Kolimi, D Nyavanandi, S Dyawanapelly, V JunnuthulaProgress on Thin Film Freezing Technology for Dry Powder Inhalation FormulationsPharmaceutics (1999-4923) (IF – 6.525)14 (12), 2022, 2632
Publication Year 2021
15M P More, S R Pardeshi, C Pardeshi, G A Sonawane, M N Shinde, P K Deshmukh, J B Naik, A D KulkarniRecent advances in phytochemical-based Nano-formulation for drug-resistant CancerMedicine in Drug Discovery (2590-0986)10, 2021, 100082
16S Pardeshi, M More, P Patil, C Pardeshi, P Deshmukh, A Mujumdar, J NaikA meticulous overview on drying-based (spray-, freeze-, and spray-freeze) particle engineering approaches for pharmaceutical technologiesDrying Technology (P 0737-3937, 1532-2300) (IF – 3.556)39 (11), 2021, 1447-1491
17J P Ambhore, S R Chaudhari, RS Cheke, P S KharkarA Concise Analytical Profile of Efavirenz: Analytical MethodologiesCritical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry (P 1040-8347 E 1547-6510) (IF – 5.686)52 (7), 2022, 1583-1592
18MB Narkhede, HL Tare, DS Chumbhale, SR Chaudhari, KD Patil, GY Dama, SR DeoreMicroscopy of Tamarind SeedsInternational Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences (2277-4998)10(4), 2021, 1202-1207
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 ,E 2228-5059) UGC Care listed
12(3), 2021, 211 -221
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21P Patil, S  Nangare, P Patil, A Patil, D Patil, R Tade, A Patil, P Deshmukh, S BariFabrication of N-doped graphene@ TiO2 nanocomposites for its adsorption and absorbing performance with facile recyclingNanoBiomedicine and Engineering (2150-5578)13(2), 2021, 179 – 190
22S N.Nangare, P M.Sangale, A G.Patil, S HS. Boddu, PK.Deshmukh, N R.Jadhav, RS.Tade , D R.Patil, A Pandey, S Mutali, J K.Patel, A M.Patil, S B.Bari, P O.PatilSurface architectured metal organic frameworks-based biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of uric acid: Recent advancement and future perspectivesMicrochemical Journal (0026-265X) (IF – 5.304)169, 2021, 106567
23JP Ambhore, VS Adhao, RS Cheke, RR Popat, SJ GandhiFuturistic Review on progress in force degradation studies and stability indicating assay method for some antiviral drugsGSC Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2581-3250)16(1), 2021, 133-149
24M P More, P K DeshmukhQuality by design approach for the synthesis of graphene oxide nanosheets using full factorial design with enhanced delivery of Gefitinib nanocrystalsMaterials Research Express (2053-1591) (IF – 2.025)8, 2021, 075602
25PK. Deshmukh,SH. Lakade,U R. Jaiswal,M T. HardeOne step synthesis approach of mesoporous silica packed with graphene oxide nanosheet: Characterisation and drug release aspectsMaterials Technology (P 1066-7857 ,E 1753-5557) (IF – 3.297)37(11), 2021, 1677,1690
26M P. More, S Patil, S Ghodke, P O. Patil, R Jain, PDandekar & P K. DeshmukhDevelopment of cross-linked collagen/pullulan ocular film for sustained delivery of Besifloxacin using novel spin-coating techniqueJournal of Materials Research (E
P 0884-2914) (IF – 2.909)
36, 2021, 3278-3292
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28S N Nangare, S Landge, A G Patil, R S Tade, P K Deshmukh and P O PatilGreen synthesis of Fe-doped Ag-loaded reduced graphene oxide ternary nanocomposite for efficient photocatalytic degradation of toxic dyesAdvances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2043-6262)12, 2021, 035004
Rahul S. Tade,Mahesh P. More,Sopan N. Nangar &Pravin O. Patil
Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) nanoarchitectonics for theranostic application in lung cancerJournal of Drug Targeting (P 1061-186X, E 1029-2330 (IF – 5.016)30(3), 2021, 269-286
30SA Nikas, PG More, SB wankhede, PP Chinchole, RR Popat, YB ZambareComparative Study of Scallion and Dry Bulb of Allium Cepa for Antioxidant ActivityInternational Journal of Botany Studies (2455-541X)6(6), 2021, 18-21
31R S Cheke, Rohan R Narkhede, S D Shinde, J P Ambhore, P G JainNatural product emerging as potential sars spike glycoproteins-ace2 inhibitors to combat COVID-19 attributed by in-silico investigationsBiointerface Res. Appl. Chem (2069-5837) UGC Care List11(3), 2021, 10628-10639
32A Sherikar, Md U Md Siddique, M More, S N. Goyal, M Milivojevic, S Alkahtani, S Alarifi, Md S Hasnain, and A NayakPreparation and Evaluation of Silymarin-Loaded Solid Eutectic for Enhanced Anti-Inflammatory, Hepatoprotective Effect: In Vitro�In Vivo ProspectOxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (P 1942-0900, E 1942-0994) (IF – 7.31)2021, 2021, 1818538
33NS Pachpor, VS AdhaoA Complete Review on Analytical Quality by DesignWorld journal of Pharmaceutical Research (2277-7105)11(1), 2022, 4
34VS Adhao, SR Chaudhari, JP Ambhore, S Sangolkar, RR Thenge, RS Cheke, AS PatilReverse Phase Liquid Chromatography assisted protocol for simultaneous determination of Lamivudine and Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in combined medication used to control HIV infection: an investigated approachFuture Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2314-7253)7, 2021, 90
Publication Year 2020
35SA Chavhan, SA Shinde, JP AmbhorePhytopharmacognostic review on Bryonia Lacinosa (Shivling Beej)Current Pharma Research (2230- 7842)10(3), 2020, 3724-3434
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49S D Shinde, R S Cheke, P R Tathe, P G Jain, R R NarkhedeThe Berberis aristata Ameliorates oxazolone induced contact dermatitis: in-vivo and in silico evidencesAdvances in Traditional Medicine (2662-4060, P-2662-4052)21, 2021, 685-692
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Publication Year 2019
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Publication Year 2018
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17(1), 2018, 7-19
Publication Year 2017
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Publication Year 2016
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