The study of Pharmacology is essential and important part of pharmaceutical and health care education. Pharmacology is a discipline related with study of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and toxicity profile of a drug molecule. It needs a complete understanding of human anatomy and physiology, chemistry and pharmacology of medicines along with drug development process. As the pharmacist and pharmacologist deals with health care system; the knowledge about the hospital and clinical pharmacy is also essential for better clinical output. Pharmacologist also plays a great role in drug discovery and in clinical research. Pharmacological activity of herbal drug or synthetic compound is carried out using traditional literature, modern science and modern technologies. The department of Pharmacology is engaged in imparting knowledge in the various aspects of preclinical and clinical pharmacology through theoretical and practical mediums. The department is well equipped with an undergraduate research laboratory with CPCSEA approved animal house facility; modern equipments essential for conducting animal experiments under preclinical testing.

The B. Pharm course has offer following semester wise subject that design by Pharmacy Council of India.

SemesterSubject codeSubject name
semester IBP101THuman Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory
 BP107PHuman Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory
 BP106RBTRemedial Biology
 BP112RBPRemedial Biology
semester IIBP201THuman Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory
 BP207PHuman Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory
 BP204TPathophysiology – Theory
semester IVBP404TPharmacology I – Theory
 BP408TPharmacology I – Theory
semester VBP503TPharmacology II– Theory
 BP507PPharmacology II – Theory
semester VIBP602TPharmacology III – Theory
 BP608PPharmacology III – Theory
semester VIIBP703TPharmacy Practice – Theory
 BP706PSPractice School*
semester VIIIBP805ETPharmacovigilance
 BP808ETCell and Molecular Biology
 BP810ETExperimental Pharmacology
 BP813PWProject Work

Job Opportunity

  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Coading
  • Data Entry Jr/Sr
  • CDSCO, ADR Monitoring Centre
  • Patient Counseling-Drug Information Centre
  • Cosmetic and Neutraceutical industries
  • Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development
  • Government Sector as Food and Drug Inspector, drug Analyst
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Academics