Department of Pharmacognosy is the heart of Pharmacy Course. Pharmacognosy  is the branch of Pharmaceutical sciences that deals with the herbal drug and their formulation . It is the science of  Department of Pharmacognosy is actively involve in different extraction methods as well as preparation of different formulation like herbal formulation,  herbal cosmetics and nutraceuticals with involved in  teaching and research activities with experienced faculties and necessary infrastructure. The various subject along with its related subjects is well distributed in the B.Pharm. and D. Pharm curriculum. Pharmacognosy deals with the study of various dosage forms, cosmetics, which is of natural origin also it give immense knowledge about phytochemical screening of different herbs, its identification. It gives broad aspects about different chromatographical techniques like TLC, HPTLC . Pharmacognosy department works on different domains like, Quality control of herbal drug, herbal drug technology, Phytochemistry. Department of Pharmacognosy  is well equipped with various equipment’s , instruments and apparatus required for manufacturing of dosage forms and research purpose.

No of Laboratories: 

  1. Pharmacognosy lab -1
  2. Pharmacognosy Diploma LAB

Table 1- Equipment and apparatus present in Department

Hot air ovenCompound MicroscopeHeating mentleAntibiotic zone Reader
CentrifugeMuffle furnaceDigital BalanceDigital colony counter
Micro centrifugeMagnetic StirrerMechanical StirrerMoisture balance
 BOD IncubatorHot plateWater bathSoxhlet apparatus

   Research paper published in department of pharmacognosy were 17 . 02 patents and 02 books  are pulished  in Department of Pharmacognosy. Total 3 faculty are involved in the department with higher proficiency.

 Name of faculty / staff of Department of Pharmacognosy –

  1. Prof L.P. Joge   ( Head of Department )
  2. Prof. R.P. Gandhi
  3. Prof. P.S. Lande