Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics is the branch of pharmaceutical sciences that deals with the conversion of active pharmaceutical ingredients into suitable drug delivery systems for safe and effective administration to a patient. It is the science of dosage form design. Department of Pharmaceutics is actively engaged in teaching and research activities with highly qualified, experienced, and competent faculty members and equipped with the necessary infrastructure.

The pharmaceutics department works on different domains like Bio pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, dosage form technology, industrial pharmacy, physical pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical unit operations, and novel drug delivery systems.

The B. Pharm course has offered following semester wise subject that design by Pharmacy Council of India.

SemesterSubject codeSubject name
Semester IBP103TPharmaceutics I – Theory
BP109PPharmaceutics I – Practical
Semester IIIBP302TPhysical Pharmaceutics I – Theory
BP303TPharmaceutical Microbiology – Theory
BP304TPharmaceutical Engineering – Theory
BP306PPhysical Pharmaceutics I – Practical
BP307PPharmaceutical Microbiology – Practical
BP 308PPharmaceutical Engineering –Practical
Semester IVBP403TPhysical Pharmaceutics II – Theory
BP407PPhysical Pharmaceutics II – Practical
Semester VBP502TIndustrial Pharmacy I– Theory
BP505TPharmaceutical Jurisprudence – Theory
BP506PIndustrial Pharmacy I – Practical
Semester VIBP604TBiopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics –Theory
BP605TPharmaceutical Biotechnology – Theory
Semester VIIBP702TIndustrial PharmacyII – Theory
BP704TNovel Drug Delivery System – Theory
Semester VIIIBP802TSocial and Preventive Pharmacy
BP803ETPharma Marketing Management
BP804ETPharmaceutical Regulatory Science
BP809ETCosmetic Science

Job Opportunity

  • Pharmaceutical Analytical R & D
  • Formulation & Development
  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Neutraceutical industries  Production department
  • Government Sector as Drug Inspector
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Community Pharmacist
  • Demonstrator at Gov. Medical College
  • Academics