Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is involved in engaging theory and practical in the subjects of Pharmaceutical / medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry for the undergraduate students in the four-year B. Pharm course. Presently, there are 06 teaching staff in the department and out of which two faculty members have doctoral degree.

The laboratories are well equipped with the sophisticated instruments so as students get introduce with these fundamental subjects.

The subject broadly deals with practical aspects such as estimation of blood / serum sample, synthesis of inorganic and medicinal compounds, Qualitative analysis, Quantitative analysis, Assay of formulations. Thus, course content confers students to proceed with higher studies and research projects with the thorough knowledge. The syllabus is supported with the guidance/ seminar lecture by the experts from academia and industry.

The B. Pharm course has offer following semester wise subject that design by Pharmacy Council of India.

SemesterSubject codeSubject name
semester IBP102TPharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory
 BP104TPharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry –Theory
 BP108PPharmaceutical Analysis I – Practical
 BP110PPharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Practical
semester IIBP202TPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Theory
 BP203TBiochemistry – Theory
 BP208PPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I– Practical
 BP209PBiochemistry – Practical
semester IIIBP301TPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Theory
 BP305PPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Practical
semester IVBP401TPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III– Theory
 BP402TMedicinal Chemistry I – Theory
 BP406PMedicinal Chemistry I – Practical
semester VBP501TMedicinal Chemistry II – Theory
semester VIBP601TMedicinal Chemistry III – Theory
 BP606TQuality Assurance –Theory
 BP607PMedicinal chemistry III – Practical
semester VIIBP701TInstrumental Methods of Analysis – Theory
 BP705PInstrumental Methods of Analysis – Practical

Job Opportunity

  • Pharmaceutical Analytical R & D
  • Formulation R & D
  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Neutraceutical industries  QA & QC department
  • Preclinical and Clinical Drug Development
  • Government Sector as Food and Drug Inspector, drug Analyst
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Academics

 Name of faculty / staff of Department

  • Dr.P.P.Chinchole (Head Of Department)
  • Prof. A.M.Rathi
  • Prof V.M.Shejol
  • Prof. V.G.Akhand
  • Prof.S.S.Gavhale