Intellectual Property Rights (IPR – Patent)

Sr. No.Name of Inventor/FacultyTitle of PatentApplication NoDate of PublicationType of PatentNational  \ International
1Prof. P.V. Burakale, Prof. M. R. BhiseThe process for preparation of rosin derivative of polyethylene glycol202021014958A03-07-2020Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
2Prof. R. S. ChekePolyherbal Formulation Effective Against Cough202021036235A18-12-2020Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
3Dr. S.B. Sapkal, Prof. R.A.Darakhe, Prof. V.B. PatondA Solid Dispersion of Ibuprofen using Natural Polymers for enhancing its solubility202021045239A13-11-2020Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
4Prof. R. S. ChekeProcess of Formulation and Evaluation of Oxaceprol Topical Niosomal Gel: a Novel Approach to Modify Drug Delivery202021046768A13-11-2020Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
5Prof. S.A. Shinde, Prof. S.A. ChavhanA Polyherbal Mosquito Repellent Gel Formulation and Method of Preparation Thereof202021050495A01-01-2021Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
6Prof. R. S. ChekeNovel Strategies in Formulation Development of an Immediate Release Tablet Containing Antihypertensive Agents and their Evaluation thereof202021053004A15-01-2021Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
7Dr. M. R. Bhise, Dr. P.V. Burakale, Prof. V.B. PatondA Floating Gastric Retentive Drug Delivery System202121000935A29-01-2021Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
8Prof. R.R. Thenge, Dr. V.S. Adhao, Prof. G.D. MehetreA Cocrystal Composition of Candesartan with enhanced oral bioavailability202121005204A12-02-2021Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
9Dr. G.D. Mehetre, Dr. V.S. Adhao, Dr. P.P. Chinchole, Prof. M.B. Narkhede, Dr. R.R.ThengeAntipyschotic Medicated Confection and Method of Preparation Thereof202121011460A30-04-2021Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
10Prof. R.S.Cheke, Prof. J.P. AmbhoreMethods and Process for Formulation of Polyherbal nanocomposition for rejuvenating skin202121030212A06-08-2021Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
11Prof. Zanke A.A., Prof. R.R. Popat, Prof. M B. Narkhede, Prof. P.P. Chinchole Prof. S.V. PanawarA Composition for Coloring and a Method Thereof202121044195A04-03-2022Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
12Prof. M. B. NarkhedeA Method for Extraction of Gercinia Indica Leaf Extract and Evaluation of the Anti-Diabetic Acitivity Thereof202141058983A04-02-2022Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
13Prof. V.M. Shejol, Dr. P.P. Chinchole, Dr. G.D. MehetreImproving the Ability of Quercetin Loaded Niosomes to Reverse CCL4 Intoxication and to Carry Out an Antioxidance Effect202221057113A14-10-2022Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
14Dr. R. R. Thenge, Dr. V. S. AdhaoControlling the release rate of a Therapeutic drug using nanoparticule vesicles embedded in hydrogel202241065530A25-11-2022Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
15Dr. R. R. Thenge, Dr. V. S. AdhaoProcess of producing Minoxidil type compound for hair growth202241071274A16-12-2022Utility PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
16Dr. V. S. Adhao, Dr. R. R. ThengePharmaceutical Soxhlet Apparatus375918-00121-02-2023Design PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)
17Dr. V. S. Adhao, Dr. R. R. Thenge, Dr. G.D Mehetre, Prof. Jaya AmbhoreMedical Waste Treatment Device377764-00144996Design PatentNational (Indian Patent Office)