Books & Book Chapter


  Sr. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters  published National / international Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Name of the publisher Link
1 Mahesh P. More Prashant K Deshmukh Passive and Active Targeting for Solid Tumors International 2022 978-3-031-14848 Springer Nature https://shorturl.at/dquW2
2 Mahesh P. More, Prashant K. Deshmukh Polymer-Based Nanoplatforms for Targeting Breast Cancer International 2022 978-3-031-14847-7 Springer Nature https://shorturl.at/lpDU0
3 Mahesh P. More, Prashant K Deshmukh Polymeric Nanoplatforms for the Targeted Treatment of Prostate Cancer International 2022 978-3-031-14847-7 Springer Nature https://shorturl.at/gS245
4 Dr. Gautam D. Mehetre, R. R. Thenge, Amar Patel Chapter-Nanocrystals in the drug delivery system, International 2022 978-0-323-89839-3 Elsevier https://shorturl.at/mtAM8


5 Gautam D. Mehetre Concise Course in Cosmetic Science, National 2021 978-1543344714 PeeVee Publication Link
6 Prashant K Deshmukh Vesicular Carriers for Direct Nose to Brain drug delivery International 2021 978-0-12-822522-6 Elsevier https://shorturl.at/puGS4
7 Prashant K. Deshmukh Pharmacokinetics of Drug-in-Polymer Matrix-Based Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery System International 2021 978-3-030-833947 Elsevier https://shorturl.at/jlpyY
8 Mukesh W. Babhulkar Dos and Donts in Group Discussion “SOF-10� e-book on Soft Skill Development an Official Publication of SGBAU, Amravati National 2021 E-Book SGBAU Amravati Link
9 Vaibhav Adhao Chapter: First Impression in “SOF-10� e-book on Soft Skill Development an Official Publication of SGBAU, Amravati National 2021 E-Book SGBAU Amravati Link
10 Raju Thenge Chapter: Structure of Interview in  “SOF-10� e-book on Soft Skill Development an Official Publication of SGBAU, Amravati National 2021 E-Book SGBAU Amravati Link
11 Pramod Burkale, Suresh Sudke, Manish bhise, Vishal patond Concise Course in Pharmacovigilance National 2021 97815-43344-39-4 Everest Publishing House Link
12 Vishal Patond, Pramod Burkale, Manish bhise, Suresh Sudke Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy National 2022 978-9-394-68318-1 Everest Publishing House Link


13 Gautam D. Mehetre, Raju R. Thenge, Rameshwar S. Cheke,  Sachin D. Shinde Novel drug delivery system National 2020 ISBN- 97815-43344-08-0 PeeVee Publication Link
14 Vishal Patond, Raju Thenge, Mahesh Narkhede Preparation and Characterization of Cocrystals of Diacerin International 2020 ISBN-10: 9783330650824
ISBN-13: 978-3330650824
Scholars Press Publication Link
15 Dr. Vaibhav Adhao, R.S. Cheke, S.D. Shinde, R.R. Narkhede Instrumental Methods of Analysis National 2020 97815-43344- 13-4 PeeVee Publication Link
16 Manish Bhise, Pramod Burkale, Vishal Patond Mosquito repellent Emulgel using Polyherbs International 2020 978-620-2-67023-4 Lambert Publication Link
17 Sachin D. Shinde, Dr. Pankaj M. Chaudhari, Rameshwar S. Cheke And Pradip S. Shingane Practical Book of Pharmacology-III National 2020 978-1543343656 PeeVee Publication Link
18 Sachin D. Shinde, Rameshwar S Cheke And Dr. Vittal Gajanan Kuchake New Concept in Pharmacology III National 2020 978-1543343755 PeeVee Publication Link
19 Sachin D. Shinde, Umesh D. Laddha, Rameshwar S Cheke Praful Tathe Quality Control and Standardization of Hebals National 2020 9781-543344417 PeeVee Publication Link


20 Sarin A. Chavhan, Sushilkumar A. Shinde A Guide to chromatograohy techniques National 2019 ISBN- 978-16-4678-36-01 Xpress publication Link
21 Rameshwar S. Cheke, Sachin D. Shinde, Vaibhav S. Adhao, Gautam D. Mehetre Practical book of Inorganic chemistry National 2019 ISBN-978-93-88672-36-8 SARA book publication Link
22 Rameshwar S. Cheke, Jaya P Ambhore, Sachin D. Shinde, Pavan P Chinchole Practical Book of Medicinal Chemistry – III National 2019 ISBN- 97815-43343-83-0 PeeVee Publication Link
23 Dr. Sandip Sapkal Solubility and dissolution enhancement of some BCS class II drugs International 2018 ISBN-10: 9783659814037
ISBN-13: 978-3659814037
24 Mr. Sushilkumar A Shinde, Miss. Sarin A. Chavhan Skin Disorders and Herbs International 2018 ISBN-10: 9786138389576
ISBN-13: 978-6138389576
25 Mr. Sushilkumar A Shinde, Mr. Nilesh Bhopale Pharmacognosy National 2018 ISBN-13: 978-93-8559-08-5 Vallabh Prakashan Link


26 Shivshankar D Mhaske,    Mahesh Narkhede ,   Vinayak N. Shrikhande Antioxidant effect of Trolox in diabetic rat: Pharmacological evaluation International 2017 ISBN-10: 9783330650824
ISBN-13: 978-3330650824
Scholar’s Press Link
27 Shivshankar D Mhaske,  Mahesh Narkhede , Sumedh Moharil Novel drug combination for treating hypertension and dyslipidemia: Atenolol and Atorvastatin International 2017 ISBN-10: 9783330046603 ISBN-13: 978-3330046603 LAP LAMBERT Link
28 Mahesh B Narkhede,  Shivshankar D Mhaske, Vinayak N Shrikhande Antidiabetic and antioxidant activity- Pharmacological screening International 2017 ISBN-10: 333097253X
ISBN-13: 978-3330972537
Noor Publishing Link